Morning Prayer: Please do not let any
animals die from abuse and neglect today.
Please do not let any homeless animals go
without food today. Please let a needy animal
find a loving, forever home today. Please, if
you love animals and want to help them...

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Two Cents ~TV and Movies.... Stop Promoting Animal Cruelty!

OK, I have been boiling over with this for so many years, and it just has to come out. I believe with all my heart, that movies and TV and commercials are helping to promote the idea that animal cruelty is either OK for some animals or not looked upon as "that bad." Every time a movie or TV show or Ad shows an animal being neglected or tormented, even for the sake of "helping this issue," it promotes the idea to many sickos and would-be sickos that it's OK to hurt certain animals because it's on the air for entertainment purposes.

My main complaint concerns cats. TOO MANY MOVIES DEPICT THE TORTURE AND KILLING OF CATS! And here is why I am upset about this. Whenever a movie has to show the horror of a pet or animal tortured or murdered or maimed, it is 80% of the time...A CAT. This propagates the concept that a cat's life is less valuable than a dog in the minds of many would be animal murderers, so it's probably "OK" to hurt them. Some examples are:

The movie...Untraceable. That movie is sick enough, but in the opening scene the first murder is the torture and killing of a kitten...UGH!

Most recently, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Now, I loved, loved this movie and felt it was well done. HOWEVER...when the main character Daniel Craig's pet was killed...guess what? IT WAS A CAT not a dog or rabbit, etc.

TV Ad....can't remember what the ad was for but this scene sticks out in my mind. It's a cartoon town where things are being improved by some product or other. Stick people on a busy day, cars going, and a happy dog in the neighborhood. A cat shows up and guess what? The dog runs it off, trying to bite it, so everyone is accepted in this cartoon town of improvements, but not a cat.

THIS IS NOT OK! And now, not only are cats being maligned and put at risk for this kind of portrayal whereby movies feel a cat is more palatable to be destroyed than a dog, but they are targeting dogs in the phone app market.

A new phone app for the android is available called Dog Wars. Wowie, you can download it and make pit bulls fight to the bloody death in living gory color! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WORLD????

I hope one day, the designers of this game and the screenwriters and authors who feel it's OK to depict the torture and killing of animals, and who devalue the life of cats as their prime character murder victims, end up in a cage in Hell with these animals as their gatekeepers.

OK, I am done ranting now. But I hope this gets out to as many as possible. Let's raise awareness that it's NOT OK to depict the torture and killing of animals as entertainment. If it's part of the script or story, it does NOT have to be shown on the screen. A description is quite enough!

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