Morning Prayer: Please do not let any
animals die from abuse and neglect today.
Please do not let any homeless animals go
without food today. Please let a needy animal
find a loving, forever home today. Please, if
you love animals and want to help them...

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~More Musings For Awareness~

To save a suffering, needy animal's life is to know a love and friendship like no other you will ever know.

In EVERY state of our Country, there should be the same penalties for abusing or murdering animals as there are for doing so to humans. We are ALL GOD'S Creatures. "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Every night when I go to sleep, my heart is heavy with sadness at the animals who I see and hear about, who are neglected, abused, and dying. And every morning, I wake again with Hope that THIS will be the day many take notice and decide to help! I bet many needy animals do the same thing, so please won't you give to your local shelters and help save their lives?

Sometimes I wonder if God checks in on His animal creatures and sees the homeless and neglected and tortured....and weeps at what some of His human creations have done to them. But...there is a growing number of humans who do Him proud when we help His innocent victims to become survivors. And we need to grow in force daily! Please help save a life today....adopt from a shelter or foster or donate! It's not too late to do this Precious work :)

When you live a Good Life, the world feels happy to you. When you save an animal's Life, the World becomes Paradise for both of you :)

When an animal dies because we didn't care or love enough to help, we are destroying God's careful handiwork. When an animal receives a second chance and a new life because we do care and love enough, we are doing HIS work at its finest :)

Each day that goes by, another animal may perish or suffer without hope or help. Just think what an amazing day you can make it for both you and those animals by just the smallest effort. Feed a stray, bring it to a non kill rescue if you can, donate to your local shelter or rescue, and if you can foster or adopt, do it!