Morning Prayer: Please do not let any
animals die from abuse and neglect today.
Please do not let any homeless animals go
without food today. Please let a needy animal
find a loving, forever home today. Please, if
you love animals and want to help them...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why A Rescue?

When you save the life of an animal by adopting a rescue, you may be surprised that the new little guy or girl saves your life as well. When my Jasmyn died, although I have a lot of love for all my babies, I never thought I would be able to heal from it to free my heart to bond to another animal that much. When we adopted our third rescue, who has a very difficult past and baggage, I wondered if she'd ever bond with me.

Now every night, as I lay in bed and when I wake up in the mornings, of all my kitties here, it is this precious girl who is beside who was labeled MEAN and cast aside. She lays beside me at night curled up as close as she can get. She either wraps her paws gently around my neck in a hug or puts her paw in my hand through the night. I know she is grateful for our home and I am grateful for her friendship. I have not experienced such loving since my Jasmyn died. I know she picked me when I went to visit, and I know now why. She has brought the greatest Gift a new pet can bring...HEALING. She has stolen my heart in a way that I never thought possible again. My other rescue cats each also have special places in my heart for their own reasons and I have so much love for them, but there is something about this beautiful girl that has touched the hurt inside me and begun to mend it.

Please give a needy animal a chance like this? You will never know that special feeling of exchanging Healing and Love until you do! And you may be surprised at how much it can do for you both :)