Morning Prayer: Please do not let any
animals die from abuse and neglect today.
Please do not let any homeless animals go
without food today. Please let a needy animal
find a loving, forever home today. Please, if
you love animals and want to help them...

Friday, October 10, 2014

Fall approaches...a beautiful season of colors, falling leaves, and crips, cool, refreshing air. However, Fall and Winter are not always wonderful for stray animals. Small animals can hide in piles of leaves out of fear, and become subject to the elements from starvation or thirst, or illness. Animals searching for shelter from the cold or damp can often choose places that put them at risk for larger animals or cruel humans to prey on them or pick them up for bait for dog fighting rings, etc.

It is NEVER, EVER ok to just set your pet loose because they have become a "burden" or are too old for your family, or you have to move. Whatever the reason, there are other options! Yes, shelters are not great places for animals sometimes, if they are kill shelters, but at least there they have SOME chance at finding a new life and will be fed and cared for as long as the shelter is able. Contact a local no kill rescue in your area to surrender your pet, or even let your vet know.

PETS ARE NOT DISPOSABLE! But, if you absolutely cannot keep your pet, and you have a valid reason, there is no need to feel shame in contacting your vet to help or a local shelter. It is better than throwing it out the door or car like yesterday's garbage. We do not throw our elderly and/or sick in a dumpster...please give you pets, who are your family as well...the same courtesy?



Saturday, June 14, 2014

It's spring again! That means warmth and rains, sunshine, and rebirth. Unfortunately, it also means more animals roaming lost or unattended, or feraL. If you let your animals out, please DO NOT make Spring a "rebirth" season for them. There are so many already born animals who languish in shelters or are neglected, or are victims of cruelty, and who perish from these circumstances. We don't need more born into our world, when we can be giving homes to those already here, just awaiting our Love. Please spay or neuter your pets! Don't leave them out unattended without securing them. It only takes a little bit of compassion and forethought to make sure our animals are safe and loved. And if you see a stray or suffering animal, DON'T LOOK AWAY. Call a local NO KILL shelter and help save a life...BE THEIR VOICES!

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a New Year and a new chance to save Precious Lives! We all want to start our new year in Health and Love, and this can be enhanced or shortened, depending on the actions of others. And our animal friends are no different than we are. Please help them start this year off in Safety, Kindness, and Love? Give to your local shelters, feed a stray, foster or adopt or help a needy baby find a loving a home. WE can make the difference in their survival! Make this new year one of giving and saving lives! ADOPT, DON'T SHOP! And remember, if it's too cold out for you, then it's too cold out for your pet. Please bring them inside. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

My Two Cents ~TV and Movies.... Stop Promoting Animal Cruelty!

OK, I have been boiling over with this for so many years, and it just has to come out. I believe with all my heart, that movies and TV and commercials are helping to promote the idea that animal cruelty is either OK for some animals or not looked upon as "that bad." Every time a movie or TV show or Ad shows an animal being neglected or tormented, even for the sake of "helping this issue," it promotes the idea to many sickos and would-be sickos that it's OK to hurt certain animals because it's on the air for entertainment purposes.

My main complaint concerns cats. TOO MANY MOVIES DEPICT THE TORTURE AND KILLING OF CATS! And here is why I am upset about this. Whenever a movie has to show the horror of a pet or animal tortured or murdered or maimed, it is 80% of the time...A CAT. This propagates the concept that a cat's life is less valuable than a dog in the minds of many would be animal murderers, so it's probably "OK" to hurt them. Some examples are:

The movie...Untraceable. That movie is sick enough, but in the opening scene the first murder is the torture and killing of a kitten...UGH!

Most recently, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Now, I loved, loved this movie and felt it was well done. HOWEVER...when the main character Daniel Craig's pet was killed...guess what? IT WAS A CAT not a dog or rabbit, etc.

TV Ad....can't remember what the ad was for but this scene sticks out in my mind. It's a cartoon town where things are being improved by some product or other. Stick people on a busy day, cars going, and a happy dog in the neighborhood. A cat shows up and guess what? The dog runs it off, trying to bite it, so everyone is accepted in this cartoon town of improvements, but not a cat.

THIS IS NOT OK! And now, not only are cats being maligned and put at risk for this kind of portrayal whereby movies feel a cat is more palatable to be destroyed than a dog, but they are targeting dogs in the phone app market.

A new phone app for the android is available called Dog Wars. Wowie, you can download it and make pit bulls fight to the bloody death in living gory color! WHAT IS WRONG WITH OUR WORLD????

I hope one day, the designers of this game and the screenwriters and authors who feel it's OK to depict the torture and killing of animals, and who devalue the life of cats as their prime character murder victims, end up in a cage in Hell with these animals as their gatekeepers.

OK, I am done ranting now. But I hope this gets out to as many as possible. Let's raise awareness that it's NOT OK to depict the torture and killing of animals as entertainment. If it's part of the script or story, it does NOT have to be shown on the screen. A description is quite enough!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

~More Musings For Awareness~

To save a suffering, needy animal's life is to know a love and friendship like no other you will ever know.

In EVERY state of our Country, there should be the same penalties for abusing or murdering animals as there are for doing so to humans. We are ALL GOD'S Creatures. "Thou Shalt Not Kill."

Every night when I go to sleep, my heart is heavy with sadness at the animals who I see and hear about, who are neglected, abused, and dying. And every morning, I wake again with Hope that THIS will be the day many take notice and decide to help! I bet many needy animals do the same thing, so please won't you give to your local shelters and help save their lives?

Sometimes I wonder if God checks in on His animal creatures and sees the homeless and neglected and tortured....and weeps at what some of His human creations have done to them. But...there is a growing number of humans who do Him proud when we help His innocent victims to become survivors. And we need to grow in force daily! Please help save a life today....adopt from a shelter or foster or donate! It's not too late to do this Precious work :)

When you live a Good Life, the world feels happy to you. When you save an animal's Life, the World becomes Paradise for both of you :)

When an animal dies because we didn't care or love enough to help, we are destroying God's careful handiwork. When an animal receives a second chance and a new life because we do care and love enough, we are doing HIS work at its finest :)

Each day that goes by, another animal may perish or suffer without hope or help. Just think what an amazing day you can make it for both you and those animals by just the smallest effort. Feed a stray, bring it to a non kill rescue if you can, donate to your local shelter or rescue, and if you can foster or adopt, do it!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Why A Rescue?

When you save the life of an animal by adopting a rescue, you may be surprised that the new little guy or girl saves your life as well. When my Jasmyn died, although I have a lot of love for all my babies, I never thought I would be able to heal from it to free my heart to bond to another animal that much. When we adopted our third rescue, who has a very difficult past and baggage, I wondered if she'd ever bond with me.

Now every night, as I lay in bed and when I wake up in the mornings, of all my kitties here, it is this precious girl who is beside who was labeled MEAN and cast aside. She lays beside me at night curled up as close as she can get. She either wraps her paws gently around my neck in a hug or puts her paw in my hand through the night. I know she is grateful for our home and I am grateful for her friendship. I have not experienced such loving since my Jasmyn died. I know she picked me when I went to visit, and I know now why. She has brought the greatest Gift a new pet can bring...HEALING. She has stolen my heart in a way that I never thought possible again. My other rescue cats each also have special places in my heart for their own reasons and I have so much love for them, but there is something about this beautiful girl that has touched the hurt inside me and begun to mend it.

Please give a needy animal a chance like this? You will never know that special feeling of exchanging Healing and Love until you do! And you may be surprised at how much it can do for you both :)

Saturday, September 24, 2011

~My Thoughts For Our Precious Friends~

An animal's undying love and devotion can outweigh any sad day or gloomy day or enhance any bright day to even brighter. Don't wait to find out for yourself...adopt a shelter baby today!

When you help save the life of a suffering or needy animal, you are doing God's Work at its finest. Please help your local shelters or foster or adopt if you can!

PAW IT FORWARD! If we cannot stop or change the mindset of those who hurt or kill innocent animals, then let us out-number them in forces! Only WE can help reduce the needless suffering of these precious creatures by helping any way we can.

The eyes of a loved and cared for animal are filled with love, trust, and devotion. The eyes of a neglected, abused animal are filled with sadness and terror. Which would YOU rather look into? PLEASE BE THEIR VOICES!

Every day as I read the news, I see a story about animals rescued or found abused and neglected. It is with such a heavy heart that I read these tragic stories. It is especially sad, because WE can help! We cannot make these Hell Bound sub humans stop what they are doing, but we can help provide funding and other support to save these precious babies. Please give whatever monies or time you can to your local shelters! These animals need us!

For my Beautiful Jasmyn Cat....I always think of you on these sunny fall days just before you left, how you loved them and your window seat. I will try not to dwell on sadness for your leaving me, but instead use the Joy of your Spirit to save other lives that they might also know Love and Caring instead of suffering. That is my Gift to your Memory.

What I have learned from helping animals....for everyone who hurts you, there is one who will love you...when you feel life is too hard or sad to live, a kind pair of hands will lift you up....when you live with fear instead of trust, Love can heal. We can make this ring true for every dollar we give and for every small effort we can offer. Try makes you feel good!

Look into the eyes of a beloved animal. What do you see? Look into the eyes of an abused, neglected animal. What do you see? DO YOU SEE NOW????

When you cherish an animal, you are assuring that Grace will prevail in your Life as protector of one of God's Precious Souls.

It costs so little to love an animal and it costs them their lives if we don't. Think About It!

Animals love for those who love them is unconditional, forever, comforting, and loyal. How many humans can you say this about? For this Love, reward them with the best care possible, NOT ABUSE!

PAW IT FORWARD - Help Your Local Shelters!
If everyone would do one random act of kindness for a lonely or suffering animal this week and every week, think how many we can save! If you love animals and want to help, even you can't adopt or foster one, you can still help! Give your time or a dollar or two, help others do this, and report abuse and neglect. PAW IT FORWARD!

If you see someone hurting or neglecting an animal....and you turn the other way for whatever are part of the problem. Be part of the solution.....Help Stop Animal Cruelty! Report abuse and neglect!

It's a new day...can you fed a stray today or helped an animal shelter? It's not too late to make a difference in a suffering fur baby's life :)

Morning Prayer....Please do not let any animals die today from abuse and neglect. Please do not let any homeless animals go without food today. Please let a needy animal find a loving forever home today. Please put this as your status today if you love animals and want to help be their voices!

Every day that an animal lives in pain, torment, neglect, or disgrace can be helped immensely by every day that we give our help and BE THEIR VOICES.

When God created our animal friends, I am quite sure he didn't include a license to abuse or kill them for sport. All Creatures Deserve Respect. PLEASE BE THEIR VOICES TO STOP ANIMAL CRUELTY

Look into the eyes of any animal you are close to. What do you see? Remember that look next time someone asks you why we should care so much about animals' rights to live safely and be loved?

True love of cats is the willingness to wake up paralyzed every morning because you have furballs sleeping on all of your joints and muscles :)

To hold an animal close and pet it and feel it's love is hold an animal's life in your hands and save DIVINE. Please help if you can....they need US!