Morning Prayer: Please do not let any
animals die from abuse and neglect today.
Please do not let any homeless animals go
without food today. Please let a needy animal
find a loving, forever home today. Please, if
you love animals and want to help them...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

To Love An Animal....

I have long been an advocate of animal rights and now, with our world in constant change, it is more than ever necessary to remember our animal kingdom so these precious Creatures are not left behind to suffer and perish.

To this end, I have begun to set down my thoughts and musings here and there. I have been asked many times to compile them in one spot for others to read and perhaps share in the hopes of changing the plight of so many unwanted, abused, and neglected animals in our world.

So...for those wanting to help or just needing to affirm why we do what we they are. Please feel free to share any of these, I ask only that you also share this blog from whence they came. The more people that visit here, the more support our furbabies will have.

And above all, PLEASE BE THEIR VOICES! WE are all they have :)

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